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        Welcome Changzhou Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.!


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        Committed to the development and manufacture of hydraulic systems

        1. Booster pump
        2. Grate cooler
        3. Cement vertical mill
        4. Small hydraulic system
        5. Cylinder type
        6. Boiler class
        7. Building material

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        To build an international standard hydraulic system

        The company mainly produces series of hydraulic assembly, including hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic hose assembly, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic station, electric control cabinet, hydraulic piping installation, hydraulic system design etc.. Hydraulic system is mainly used for the dynamic parts of large equipment. It is the necessary product of modern automatic equipment. It has the advantages of energy saving, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, high integration and high standardization of components。


        User needs, our pursuit